How does the geoportal work?

The operation of the geoportal is quite intuitive. Zoom in on a place that interests you, find a specific address, or explore the whole province. Activate the contours of the aerial photos or the front lines, or change the background layer and make aerial photos transparent to easily compare the situation then and now. All information can be found below. Have fun exploring! 

Voor een optimale werking, raden wij aan deze pagina op een tablet of computer te bekijken.

Discover the photos in 10 stepsPoppy

  1. Zoom in (to scale 1:10,000) and the available photos appear in a list on the left
  2. Move the mouse over the list and the outline of the photo is shown on the map
  3. Click on a frame to load a photo
  4. Adjust the transparency
  5. Select one of the four main front lines in the Westhoek or view the outlines of the photographs
  6. Aerial photograph date
  7. Information about the archive: IFFM / IWM / KLM-MRA
  8. Choose a background (map/current aerial photograph)
  9. Search by address
  10. Reduce or enlarge the left column
Discover the photos in 10 steps

    For other questions about the operation of the geoportal and the content of this website, please refer to the FAQ.